The Asterisk Type Collection introduces corporate typefaces that are noted for their design characteristics and originality as well as their performance on the full range of platforms required by corporates today.

Curated by the URW Type Foundry, fonts in the Asterisk collection are created by design talent from around the globe. They are meticulously tested by the URW Type Engineering team that produces the fonts to a cutting-edge technical quality.

Character sets are standardised for corporate needs, with extensions into a wide set of scripts for pan-European markets, Middle East and Gulf regions, India, East Asia, and China, amongst others. URW’s experience in global projects over many years, combined with a direct connection to the latest research on design trends, ensures that stylistic and technical solutions are optimal for each market.

Easy licensing agreements ensure the most appropriate licensing model for each project, ranging from outright ownership to recurring licensing options.

Asterisk fonts cater for specific needs and environments. Marble, the first font in the collection, is a modern sans serif with 27 styles to meet every typesetting requirement. As more fonts are introduced into the Asterisk Type Collection there will be a growing selection of distinctive fonts crafted for different purposes such as way-finding, fashion, or display, all to the exacting standards required by corporate users.