About jpFonts

jpFonts is a type foundry that focuses on the development and production of fonts with global character set (global fonts). It is not without pride that we are the first foundry to present a global font in OpenType Variable Format. Working with OT Variable Fonts allows, above all, the infinitely variable adjustment of the line width and ‐ just as important ‐ the reduction of the required storage space in products and applications.

We also offer various fonts for Asia (CJK for China, Japan and Korea as well as Devanagari for India) in Unicode character sets.
The founders of jpFonts ‐ Dr. Jürgen Willrodt and Peter Rosenfeld ‐ have been working together since 1982 on the development and marketing of digital fonts and font tools.

The film:
The Cutting Edge of Type Technology on Youtube (full version)